Parent’s Feedback

I used to drive passed Fuzion Martial Arts every day and not think twice about it- that is until my then 5 year old son James started to have trouble in school. He just had so much energy and was a very physical learner. My husband and I thought we’d take a chance and sign him up at Fuzion. It turned out to be one of the best parenting decisions we’ve ever made. Tae Kwon Do helped James to better focus his energy allowing him to better concentrate at school. James is now a blue belt and has made a pledge to attain his black belt. Little brother Tommy participated in the Tiny Tigers program and continues to reap all of the benefits that martial arts has to offer. The instructors at Fuzion are unmatched; they truly care about how your child is learning and are there for you with anything you need. I highly recommend Fuzion Martial Arts!

- Amanda Ferry

I started at Fuzion Six years ago in February of 2008. When I had started I was timid and wasn’t really sure of what to do or how to do anything really, but thanks to people like Chris and Darrel I was able to understand the basics and I soon came to love what I was doing here. Then, finally after around four or five years of hard work I earned my Black Belt  in 2012. Now I continue my training and help other students with theirs just like how I was helped in the past.
Andrew McReynolds

- Andrew McReynolds

Our son Peter was 6 years old when I joined Cage Fitness at Fuzion.  He would come with me and watch.  If we arrived early enough he could see the kids doing martial arts.  He was mesmorized from the start!

Peter is a shy kid, very focused and creative.  Fuzion is a perfect fit for him.  It helps him come out of his shell. He trusts the teachers and the older kids.  Master Chalkwalker has created an environment where everyone supports eachother.  During class Peter is helped by other kids, the teachers, more experienced parents and the adult students.  He thrives under the attention.  He went to his first tournament and performed in front of the judges, a huge step for him!  The program teaches discipline, self-confidence, self-respect, fitness and coordination.  The kids have a lot of fun and there are prizes, fun nights and special programs to keep them engaged.

Now Peter’s older brother participates in Fuzion.  It’s a great chance for Peter to show his 11 year old brother how to succeed at something.   At home they spar with eachother and support one another in their practice.  Fuzion Martial Arts has become an important part of our family life and weekly routine.  I can’t say enough good things about the instructors and the supportive environment at Fuzion!

- Faith Noble

We are new members to Team Fuzion and I have already seen changes in Marian’s confidence and focus. Being the youngest in her class at only 6 years old has never put her at a disadvantage as everyone is respected as equals.  Marian looks forward to her karate lessons and is so proud to skip away from daycare in her Gi.  She is excited to show family and friends what she has learned and is eager to “cut wood with her foot” and earn her yellow belt.  At first she was intimidated by this but is now determined to reach this goal.  Both Marian and her mother have been challenged in learning some Korean which has turned out to be valuable in some social circles.  We couldn’t ask for a better group of instructors including Master Chalkwater, Ms. Stephanie, Master Lucas, and Mr. Tyler who have all become role models each in their own way for Marian to look up to.  Fuzion was definitely the right choice for our family and has been highly recommended to friends.




- Jaime

Ok, so most of you know that Phoenix started Tae Kwon Do classes about 10 weeks ago. Well, I’m happy to report that he LOVES it! I asked him the other day if he wants to quit or keep doing it and he shouted “Keep doing it”. Even his teacher has reported that he is miraculously doing better in school. For all my fellow Lakewood residents (and surrounding areas) please consider signing your kids up at Fuzion Martial Arts (make sure you tell them I referred you). They have classes for all ages…they even have adult classes (Waylon plans to sign up this summer). I promise you won’t regret it. The instructors are amazing and they do such a wonderful job with the little kids. They have a star chart to help motivate the kids. Plus they get chances to earn medals and cool prizes. Definitely worth every penny and then some!

- Jennifer Reavis

I am Jennifer Sale! My son Bek, joined Fuzion Martial Arts in 201 after seeing their energetic demonstration in Lakewood’s4th of July parade.

We had initially checked out another martial arts studio in Lakewood; and while their instructors and classes seemed competent enough; they lacked the sense of family, connection and commitment that Fuzion has with their students.

Bek has become more confident, and learned about respect and discipline. With each belt earned he has learned what it means to work hard. He also enjoys it; Fuzion does a great job at incorporating fun into learning, and has become an extended family for us with shared holidays, parades and picnics!

In 2013 I joined Fuzion’s Cage Fitness program and was immediately hooked! This intense high energy workout (translation – lots of punching and kicking!) is pure stress relief for me, not to mention a lot of fun and great for my personal weight loss plan.

Fuzion has been a great source of education and enjoyment for both of us and we are grateful they are right here in Lakewood!

- Jennifer Sale

Master Chalkwater, Mr. John Lucas, Mrs Stephanie Ayala and Mr. Mike Harding at Fuzion Martial Art exemplify the true meaning of words teacher, leader and motivator. What they have provided for my son and I goes well beyond the art of Taekwondo. We have developed more of a bond with each other by being students at Fuzion Martial Arts. We have obtained more self-discipline, perseverance and respect for ourselves, as well as others.

They have created a sense of family amongst us all as students and help teach us the true importance of life – that is Truth, Respect and Dignity for yourself and for others.

Every opportunity I have, I highly recommend Fuzion Martial Arts to anyone who have children or looking to learn life changing lessons for themselves.

To the all of you – Ko mab sub ni da “(Thank you)”

Jerry Pringle

- Jerry Pringle

My sister moved around the corner from Fuzion Martial Arts three years ago, and for months my son was bugging me to call and find out about it. Although he wrote down the phone number in their window, life always seemed too busy to make the call. Then we attended a school event where one of the raffle prizes was a free month at Fuzion (including uniform!), and my son had me put all of our tickets into that bag. Fortunately, we won.
Being at Fuzion is exactly what my son needed. He has always been shy, but everyone made him feel so welcome that he started to make friends right away.
Master Chalkwater and his team of instructors are extremely knowledgeable, and genuinely care about their students. Their focus is on developing the whole child, not just teaching kids how to fight. Since starting with martial arts, my son has gained self confidence and a maturity that extends into his schoolwork and behavior at home. In sixth grade now, he has outgrown his original uniform in many ways. He recently earned his red belt in tae kwon do, and is committed to earning his black belt.
— Linda Wilt

- Linda Wilt

My son Nick started his martial arts training at Fuzion Martial Arts in January 2013 at the age of 5. He quickly adapted to the expectations of the program and worked hard at each practice. That April, an injury left Nick unable to practice for 3 months. Nick came back in June ready to earn his next belt. The instructors worked with Nick one on one to bring him back up to speed. They showed him how to use determination, patience and hard work to earn his belts. That same determination continues in his martial arts practice and overflows at home and in school. The Fuzion instructors demonstrate respect, honesty, and self-discipline and team work.

Nick started out at Fuzion very shy and timid; today he is more confident and outgoing. In the last 14 months, Nick has gained confidence, patience and discipline. Fuzion teaches Nick to work hard to achieve his goals. MasterChalkwater, Miss Stephanie and Mr. Lucas take pride in their program and it shows in their students. We are blessed to be a part of wonderful and nurturing martial arts family.

- Lori Uldricks

Our 5 year old son, Dakota, is a Tiny Tiger at Fuzion Martial Arts.  Ms. Stephanie and Master Chalkwater are great with the little ones.  Sometimes 5 year olds have hard time listening and staying focussed.  Ms. Stephanie and Master Chalkwater firmly, yet lovingly, re-focus their attention back to the task at hand.  The kids have fun while learning to respect themselves and others as well as the importance of physical fitness.
Mike and Deirdre Salois

- Mike and Deirdre Salois

A small testimonial….
My son, daughter, and husband all take classes at Fuzion so for months I would watch the Fuzion fitness classes knowing that I wanted to try it but never having enough confidence that I could actually get through a class.
After watching the fitness class for a long time I finally decided to try it out, one of my best decisions!
The fellow classmates were so welcoming and encouraging. They always made me feel like I could do anything! The teacher Stephanie, is by far the most inspirational person I know. She genuinely cares about each and every one of her students, child or adult. She never makes me feel like I can’t accomplish my goals. Even when I had having “down” days she kept me positive and moving forward! Whenever I would leave class I felt great, I had more energy and just felt all around healthier. Although Stephanie and I will probably never agree on what “fun” is, I am forever grateful that I decided to take the first step and join the class.

Please know how much the entire Fuzion family has helped my family through an incredibly rough year, especially Stephanie and Master Chalkwater. TaeKwonDo was the only routine in our lives that wasn’t changed. It was the only thing that we could hold onto. I’m so glad that James found something to keep him going and fighting. It easy to just want to give up and throw on the towel when you are sick.  Some days it was the only thing that would get James out of bed. You made us feel welcome from the start. The parents and children are so amazing about accepting new families. We have all made new friends and my children have become more confident and  disciplined. I can’t say enough good things about Fuzion, you honesty will never know everything you have done for us. Thank you always.


- Nora

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the amazing way you work the young kids in your classes. Every one of your instructors shows amazing patience and kindness.  Our son was having behavior difficulties in school. The youngest in his class, and the youngest of four children at home, he often acted much younger than his age, and frequently had to “turn his card” for not paying attention or following directions in class. In addition, he had little self confidence and frequently felt badly about himself. We had heard good things about Fuzion so we decided to give it a try.  My son has only been with you 3-4 months, but we have already started seeing a difference in him. Even though it is early in the school year, we normally would have had a note home from the teacher. So far, he has not “turned his card” and he doesn’t argue about homework (another feat). I do not doubt that this corner he’s appears to be turning  is in large part from what he is learning from you. Respect, self control, and self confidence are the amazing things he’s developing, and I look forward to watching him continue to grow as he learns with you. I would (and do) recommend you highly to anyone looking for a place to study martial arts.
Suzanne Healy

- Suzanne Healy