FAST TRACK is Fuzion’s After School Training Teaching Respect Attitude Confidence, and Knowledge.

At $309 per month, this program cannot be beat!

Our program is specifically designed to inspire, teach manners, gain a positive attitude and outlook, and develop their martial arts.Your child will not only be in a positive, safe, nurturing environment, he/she will also be learning a skill that will help them throughout their lives. Our Certified Instructors will ¬†teach self-defense, self worth, confidence, respect for themselves , their teachers, and other students. The confidence that is gained while progressing and belt promotion will give them the “I can do it!” mentality needed in school, in their daily lives, ¬†and in other sports. And it’s FUN!

Your child will be:

Picked up from school (Lakewood, Oh only)

Receive 2 TaeKwonDo lessons per week

Play games that will help with balance, dexterity, team work, and leadership skills!

Receive a snack to carry them over until dinner!

And all of this happens while you are still at work. When you pick up your child, they will be ready to get focused on responsibilities at home and to spend time with their family. Many of the students will sleep better resulting in better concentration for the next school day.

This is not a daycare. This is a skills program that will help your child become safer with our self-defense, awareness and anti-bullying training, in which they will participate in everyday. You will appreciate the valuable character lessons they will also learn.

This is a very small program, run by Master Dan Chalkwater and Mrs. Stephanie Ayala. All of our students deserve our attention and time.

Ages 5-13 years old.



We run in tandem with the Lakewood City School District. On early release days, we will run from 1:50pm-6:00pm

Call Today to enroll!! 216-712-7200