Gladiator Games

Welcome to the 3rd Annual GLADIATOR GAMES Martial Arts Tournament and Festival! 

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This is a tournament hosted by Fuzion Martial Arts that happens only once a year! Students have the opportunity to compete against students from 10 different schools in Forms, Synchronized Forms, Weapon Forms, Creative Forms,Self Defense, TKD Sparring and Foam Sword Sparring. There are also have side events including: Fast Kick, The Wall (new), Spear Throw, and the favorite, Power Breaking.

Martial Arts is a sport that is not often seen. This tournaments give students the ability to see where they excel, and where they need to work harder. The GLADIATOR GAMES gives them the opportunity to meet and compete with other students in martial arts, and something to strive towards. Every sport needs that, and our opportunities are few and far between.

The GLADIATOR GAMES is for competitors of all ages and ranks. There are novice, intermediate, advanced, and black belt divisions. It is fun, challenging, exciting, and the prizes are AWESOME!!!

Rules for Sparring

There is no tournament in Northeast Ohio like it!

Gladiator GamesMarch 5, 2017

Hayes Elementary School
16401 Delaware Ave.
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Schedule of Events

  • 9:45-10:20 am- Gladiator (Athlete)Check in
  • 10:30 am- Side Events Open/ Staging Begins
  • 10:45 am- Opening Ceremonies
  • 11:00 am- LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

Check out photos from the 2015 Gladiator Games

promo IMG_4147 IMG_4143 IMG_4106 IMG_4076 IMG_4070 IMG_4056 IMG_4043 IMG_4042 IMG_4040 IMG_4027 IMG_4017 IMG_4015 IMG_4007 IMG_3980 IMG_3979 IMG_3974 IMG_3970 IMG_3967 IMG_3965 IMG_3963 IMG_3954 IMG_3934 IMG_3928 IMG_3918 IMG_3893 IMG_3888 IMG_3882 IMG_3881 IMG_3880 IMG_3874 IMG_3873 IMG_3869 IMG_3858 IMG_3852 IMG_3851 IMG_3848 IMG_3816 IMG_3815 IMG_3810 IMG_3794 IMG_3787 IMG_3782 IMG_3780 IMG_3778 IMG_3775 IMG_3773 IMG_3770 IMG_3763 IMG_3742 IMG_3734 IMG_3728 IMG_3723 IMG_3697 IMG_3687 IMG_3677 IMG_3660 IMG_3597 IMG_3591 IMG_3569 IMG_3566 IMG_3565 IMG_3558 IMG_3514 IMG_3503 IMG_3502 IMG_3489 IMG_3476 IMG_3471 IMG_3470 IMG_3468 IMG_3466 IMG_3429 IMG_3422 IMG_3409 IMG_3403 IMG_3396 IMG_3388 IMG_3387 IMG_3368 IMG_3364 IMG_3347 IMG_3336 IMG_3304 IMG_3300 IMG_3241 IMG_3233 IMG_3221 IMG_3217 IMG_3179 IMG_3173 IMG_3170 IMG_3168 IMG_3161 IMG_3160 IMG_3159 IMG_3153 IMG_3151 IMG_3149 IMG_3139 IMG_3135 IMG_3099 IMG_3098 IMG_3090 IMG_3089 IMG_3073 IMG_3062 IMG_3055 IMG_3054 IMG_3051 IMG_3036 IMG_3023 IMG_3016 IMG_3011 IMG_3003 IMG_2997 IMG_2984 IMG_2974 IMG_2967 IMG_2958 IMG_2943 IMG_2935 IMG_2933

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